Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pros10?

Pros10 is Canada’s first recommendation engine for services. We use a proprietary algorithm to rank providers (e.g. plumbers) based on your preferences. Using our free service eliminates the frustrating, and time consuming process, of searching for suitable professionals and collecting quotes from them. Simple put, we make it very easy to see which providers are ideal for your project and request quotes from them. 

So Pros10 is like Yellow Pages?

Quite the opposite actually. Yellow Pages or even a Google Search merely provides you with a list and nothing more. You still have to spend time reaching out to them & repeating your requirements. Often you will find that vendors are either unavailable or unwilling to participate, thereby wasting your valuable time. Pros10 eliminates this by requiring vendors to review your project description and reach out only if they are interested, and able to work with you.

Will my personal information be safe?

We use industry standard protocols to ensure your personal information (email and phone number) is protected and secure. Access is limited to providers who commit to the same or similar rules on information sharing. This is no different than when you directly call or message them.

How is Pros10 different?

Our commitment to helping you succeed sets us apart. We started Pros10 to address  challenges that most of us have faced while searching for and hiring professionals. Our philosophy of People, Partnerships and Profits – in that order, literally, further ensures that we will always put the interests and welfare of our stakeholders above all else.

Will I always find the right professional?

We certainly hope so. Pros10 makes it exceptionally easy to find vendors who meet most of your requirements and request quotes from them. We are also constantly improving our algorithm and are confident that you will find our service useful and valuable.

Is Pros10 really free?

Yes. We are transparent about our revenue model which involves charging professionals and contractors for qualified leads – and providing other value added services. There is no charge whatsoever to use Pros10 and connect with participating vendors. We also do not sell or exchange your personal information to generate income or for any financial gain. Pros10 operates in similar fashion to mortgage brokers or realtors when buying a place.


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