Who We Are

We are passionate about helping you succeed!

Pros10 makes it easy to find the right professionals for all your home and office needs.


Have you ever been frustrated at how cumbersome it is to search for, shortlist and eventually hire the right professional or contractor? We started Pros10 after experiencing some of these challenges ourselves and being convinced, that there was a better way.


Our approach is simple – that vendors should come to you, and not the other way round. And, it should not just be any vendor but rather qualified vendors who are well informed about your needs and are keen to get your business.


Using Pros10 takes 5 minutes or less. We use industry leading technology to identify and match you with the right professionals, who will then reach out to you with quotes and related information. By providing them with all your information upfront, we ensure that they are well prepared for any queries you have – and eventually help you accomplish your goals.


Our service is free and there’s nothing to lose. Give it a try and we promise you will love it as much as we do

Our Mission

Make it radically simple to find the right help and succeed

Our Philosophy

People. Partnerships. Profits. In that order. Literally

Our Vision

Become Canada’s top destination for finding professionals by 2019

Our Team

Salil Shah

Salil Shah


Salil Shah - Founder

Salil envisioned Pros10 based on his own frustrations trying to get quotes from for a home renovation project. His goal is to make Pros10 a marketplace for services – where you can easily get quotes from qualified professionals (Pros) who have expressed interest in your project.

Since 2005, Salil has worked with high growth e-commerce and technology organizations, both here in Canada and in the United States. Salil holds a Master’s in Information Systems from University of Arizona and spends all his free time with his two young boys.

Manasi Gokhale

Manasi Gokhale


Manasi Gokhale - Co-Founder

Manasi is the chief designer for Pros10. She holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Pune University, India and has spent the last 5 years helping small and medium businesses develop and enhance their online presence.

Manasi loves art and technology, so tries to mix the two and bring it out through web development. When it comes to websites, she believes in a simplistic but functional approach.  In her free time, she is usually trying out new dishes in the kitchen or playing with her boys and is a total Netflix addict! 

Manasi Gokhale

Manasi Gokhale


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